June 11, 2023

Philippines? Kazakhstan? Mylene Paat shares possible future with fiance Sergey Rezanov

Philippines? Kazakhstan? Mylene Paat shares possible future with fiance Sergey Rezanov
IG/Mylene Paat

"We find [each other] like a soulmate."

Sergey Rezanov smiled speaking to One Sports' Denise Tan on Thursday, as he stayed at the sidelines of the Philippine women's volleyball match against Singapore.

The Russian volleyball player, who is based in Kazakhstan, recently proposed to Philippine national team member Mylene Paat.

He flew with her to Cambodia to express his support as the "future husband of Mylene Paat."

"So proud that she's playing for the national team," he said, sharing how they felt after the previous day's loss to Vietnam.

"I see they're fighting, they want to win the championship," the fellow volleyball player said. "They played better today."

Asked about how they got together, Rezanov couldn't help but smile.

"We started like friends, and after started to be more than friends," he shared.

They had met in Thailand, both having been imports of Nakhon Ratchasima. Paat even shared this moment in practice, when they bonded and laughed over a bit of awkwardness.

"Show the boy who you didn't think you would fall for but fell harder than you thought you could," she wrote.

"We find [each other] like a soulmate" Rezanov explained. "We're so close to each other, we support each other."

"It's been a long time that we didn't see each other. Now we're stronger," he told Tan. "Stronger relationship for us."

When will we be hearing wedding bells?

Paat admits, she hasn't thought about it. Maybe after the SEA Games.

But there's one question that's on a lot of fans' thoughts. Will Paat stay in the Philippines? Will they go to Kazakhstan? Or travel somewhere else?

Mama P, a stalwart of the Chery Tiggo Crossovers, shared that it might actually be Rezanov who could stay here.

"Pinag-uusapan namin yan. Mas more na siya yung may planong magpalit [ng citizenship]," she shared to One Sports.

"Sobrang exciting din kasi parang maika-count ko siya as Filipino citizen and [pwedeng] maglaro siya para sa bayan."

It's certainly a possibility, Rezanov ceded. But he's staying in the Philippines now and it looks like he will be here to stay.

"Every time when I'm with her, I just forget everything," he shared, laughing.

"I just love her, and she knows that."

(With reports from Denise Tan, One Sports)