April 14, 2024

Extra shot: 5 sports things that take longer than Filipinos staying in coffee shops

Extra shot: 5 sports things that take longer than Filipinos staying in coffee shops
Art by Royce Nicdao

A foreign vlogger recently stirred up a debate on social media after complaining about Filipinos who stay too long in a coffee shop by loitering, using it as their “private office,” or doing school work. 

It elicited various comments and created a tense divide that rivaled the age-old antagonism between black coffee lovers and iced coffee lovers.

But what does this have to do with sports? Absolutely nothing!

But will that stop us from making content to piggyback on the viral issue and get more clicks? Absolutely not!

So here it is: A list of five sports things that take longer than Filipinos making tambay in a coffee shop. 

Riveting stuff.

Philippine Azkals qualifying for the FIFA World Cup

Fans are still waiting with bated breath for the Azkals to make it to football's grandest stage and follow in the historic footsteps of the Filipinas. The journey remains long and arduous—it will take years, in fact. But the tough quest has started once again, with Neil Etheridge and company battling in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers beginning today against regional rival Vietnam.

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 Giannis Antetokounmpo's free throw routine

OK, we're exaggerating here, but it sure feels like the Milwaukee Bucks star's routine from the charity stripe takes forever. He takes his sweet time doing all his little mechanics like it's some intricate spell. It has been an issue before, with several teams complaining to the NBA and fans hilariously counting down his time at the FT line. Also, he puts the Bucks in Starbucks. No? OK.

UE Red Warriors returning to the Final Four

The Recto-based squad has the longest active semifinals drought in the UAAP. UE hasn't been to the Final Four since 2009. For perspective, star guard Rey Remogat was only six years old at that time. It has been a long dry spell for the Red Warriors, who saw their Final Four aspirations in Season 86 fade after losing to the Ateneo Blue Eagles. But hey, it could be worth the wait.

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A five-setter in the PVL

It sometimes lasts as long as three hours. But unlike that vlogger, we're not complaining at all. Because the only thing better than volleyball is more volleyball. As of writing, there have only been three five-set duels in the PVL Second All-Filipino Conference, the latest one between the Creamline Cool Smashers and the Petro Gazz Angels last November 9. We definitely need more!  

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The PBA Draft

We're going to say it: The PBA Draft is too long. It has become staid as leftover coffee. Maybe the league needs to revert to only having four rounds. Yes, more rounds mean more chances for aspirants to make it, but having 678648 rounds takes out the gravitas of being drafted. Another way to cut down the time of the PBA Draft: Don't make incumbent players get on stage.

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Are you reading this in a coffee shop? Bilisan mo. Baka magka-issue pa.