February 21, 2024

Gilas star Jordan Clarkson explains tattoos, Filipino-themed one is perfect homage

Gilas star Jordan Clarkson explains tattoos, Filipino-themed one is perfect homage

Aside from bucket-getting move, there's also one thing Gilas Pilipinas star Jordan Clarkson has a lot of: Tattoos.

JC's body has become a human canvas with all the interesting ink he's gotten over the years. When he entered the NBA in 2014 as the 46th overall pick by the Los Angeles Lakers, his body was as blank as a forgotten bond paper.

But in late 2018, he got tattoos. Lots of them. 

In an interview with GQ Sports, the 31-year-old Utah Jazz flamethrower talked about his tattoos and what they symbolize.

He said the first one he got was a simple one, which is on his left wrist. But from there, he said he got "addicted" to it.

"I had zero tattoos in the beginning, and then I got this small one, my initials. Two, three months period, me and (my tattoo artist) were tattooing literally every day," said Clarkson, adding that his sleeve tattoo happened in that span.

The former NBA Sixth Man of the Year also shared how his teammates reacted when he first showed them his array of new tattoos.

"When I came back that summer, everybody was like, 'Oh my God, what happened?'" said Clarkson, who was then with the Cleveland Cavaliers, with a laugh. "I think it's definitely addicting."

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Clarkson also revealed the tattoos that are most meaningful to him.

"Family portraits, my best friend that passed. All of them are just, you know, family, and kind of hold my hat on that forever. A face holds so much value. When you see me, you're gonna see them. They're always with me," said the prolific scorer. 

Of course, he also has a tattoo that honors his Filipino heritage.

"I got on my chest too, that's my grandmother. The Filipino flag is flying over it. That's a big thing that I carry with me, always my Filipino culture and my love for my country," shared Clarkson.

The country sure loves him back, especially after showing out for Gilas Pilipinas in the FIBA World Cup.

Clarkson has expressed his intention to return to the Philippines. Maybe he can get a tattoo in the country. Maybe June Mar Fajardo's smiling face? A bowl of halo-halo? A tabo?