April 25, 2024

'No excuses': F2 Logistics star Majoy Baron urges women to speak up against violence


The F2 Logistics Cargo Movers will be fighting for pride and to finish the PVL Second All-Filipino Conference on a high this Thursday, but middle blocker Majoy Baron shows there can be plenty more to fight for as an athlete, as an influencer, and as a woman.

On Wednesday, she shared a post on Instagram, spreading awareness regarding gender-based violence.

"Did you know that 1 in 3 women will experience some form for violence in their lifetime? Violence takes many forms—sexual, emotional, psychological, and mental. These are forms of violence," Baron wrote. "Don’t be afraid to speak up and fight for your right. Help is available!"

She listed examples of "rationalization" regarding these acts of violence, such as, "It was an accident", "It won't happen again", "I was tired from work," and "You made me do it."
"All these excuses end now. There is #NOExcuse for violence," Baron stressed.

"I encourage all women to help each other, stand together. Let us UNITE and have each other’s backs."

This is part of the United Nations Women's #NOExcuse campaign to end violence against women and girls. It is also part of the UN's #16Days of Activism campaign from November 25 to December 10.

The 27-year-old Baron, who has 430,000 followers on Instagram, knows that as a popular athlete, she has the platform to spread awareness about various social issues, something she has done in the past.

It's always great to see athletes using their reach and influence to make society a better place for all.

As Baron noted, Filipinas who have experienced violence and want to seek help may call the 911 emergency hotline of the Philippine National Police. They can also message the Lunas Collective on social media.