February 21, 2024

F2 spiker Cha Cruz-Behag reveals going back to playing volleyball one of her hardest decisions

F2 spiker Cha Cruz-Behag reveals going back to playing volleyball one of her hardest decisions

“By far one of the hardest decisions that I’ve ever had to make, surprisingly, was going back to playing volleyball.”

This was how F2 Logistics Cargo Movers ace Cha Cruz-Behag started her reflection in an Instagram post on Monday.

Cruz-Behag bared she was enjoying being a “hands-on mama, wife, and homemaker” before disaster stuck.

“Playing volleyball has always been in the back of my mind since then, but I knew I had to focus on being a wife and a mom,” said the spiker dubbed as “Miss Everything,” whose team made history with its first podium finish in the recently concluded PVL All-Filipino Conference.

“We enjoyed family time so much that we wanted to grow, praying and planning for baby no. 2, however God had a different plan for us and unfortunately we had a miscarriage,” Cruz-Behag added.

That’s when she knew it was time to make a volleyball comeback.

“We took this not only as a sign, but also as an answer to when the right time for me to go back to playing was going to be,” she said.

“Slowly but surely, everything started to fall into place. One by one, our concerns were being addressed. God has been graciously providing for our every need so that I may go back to playing the sport I love.”


In a separate post on the same day, Miss Everything said going back wasn’t a piece of cake since she had to start from scratch.

“Not even starting from zero but I knew I had to start from somewhere kahit negative pa yan, I just didn’t want to miss the opportunity to play again,” she said. “The first month back was one of the most difficult volleyball experiences to date! Totoo nga yung simula yung pinakamahirap.”

But while it was a struggle to regain her conditioning, the former De La Salle University Lady Spiker’s competitive fire has always been the same. Maybe even more intense this time.

“All I knew was that I wasn’t going to quit and that I was going to trust the process and the system. This time around, I had a much bigger motivation to play: my family,” she said.

“So grateful for my @f2cargomovers Family as well for giving me the chance to start all over again.”