December 01, 2023

PBA Draft hopeful John Amores comes clean on temper problem, says second act is ‘last chance’

PBA Draft hopeful John Amores comes clean on temper problem, says second act is ‘last chance’

Whether he likes it or not, John Amores is, at the moment, that kid who went bonkers—in a basketball game on live TV.

He has since moved on and is now in the second act of his basketball career, having already played in the ABL for the Zamboanga Valientes and, later, in the MPBL. 

Now, Amores is at the doorstep of the country’s premier basketball league as one of the over 100 PBA Draft applicants hoping for their name to be called on draft day—and secure a roster spot eventually.

But, for that to happen, he will have to prove that he now has a better handle of his volcanic temper.

And, based on his recent interview in One PH’s Sa Totoo Lang, it appears that he is still a work in progress.

“Number 1 na nakatulong sa ‘kin ‘yung pagte-take ko ng sports psychology and anger management... ‘yun ang pinakanakatulong sa ‘kin,” Amores said. “And kailangan ko po i-apply ngayon ‘yun sa mga darating na mga games ko kasi ito na ‘yung pinaka-last chance ko. Hindi na pwede mangyari sa ‘kin ‘yun [losing his temper and punching multiple players], lalo na sa PBA kung mapi-pick man ako.”

Amores is right. The PBA is not exactly too forgiving when it comes to on-court violence. And it will not hesitate to throw the book on the hardworking forward if he does something similar in the big league—assuming he actually makes it there.

That might be a problem, as Amores is humble enough to admit that his temper still boils over.

“Hindi po ako magpapaka-plastik dito, dumadating pa rin po sa time na umiinit pa rin ‘yung ulo ko,” Amores admitted. “Pero hindi na po ganun katulad ng dati.”

Again, Amores is a work in progress. But he is trying.

“Alam ko sa sarili ko ano ‘yung limit ko, alam ko na rin sa sarili ko na na-work ko na siya na hanggang dito na lang, hindi ka na pwedeng lumampas diyan kung ano 'yung pwedeng iinit ng ulo mo,” Amores said.

Now, Amores could only hope that there is a PBA team willing to try with him.