April 14, 2024

Goalkeeper Olivia McDaniel's 'music video' shows why Filipinas are a lovable bunch

Goalkeeper Olivia McDaniel

The Philippine Women’s National Football Team may have ended the Pinatar Cup without a victory, but the team surely keeps on winning the admiration of fans.

Especially with the Filipinas' adorable good vibes.

Goalkeeper Olivia McDaniel recently posted on TikTok a video of her and her teammates dancing, laughing, and roughhousing in Spain. Based on their 30-second “music video”—to the tune of the majestic classic “You’ll Always Find Your Way Home” by Miley Cyrus—fun isn’t lacking for the FIFA World Cup-bound Filipinas.

@oliviadmcd wake up it’s game day #fyp ? original sound - Pierce Westbrook

Midfielder Katrina Guillou, who usually looks serious on the pitch with her aggressive style, even happily started it off. Talk about being hip! McDaniel, meanwhile, looked like she’s done this before, working the camera with accurate lip-syncing. Or do they call it lip-dubbing now?

Also joining in on the fun were Jessica Cowart, Sofia Harrison, Kaya Hawkinson, Eva Madarang, Quinley Quezada, and Reina Bonta. Clearly, they like being with each other, and that will only bode well for them as they continue to build chemistry for the FIFA World Cup in July.

Perhaps the question now is: Where's the five-minute version of McDaniel's video?