May 24, 2024

Carleigh Frilles’ post further shows Filipinas love playing with each other

Carleigh Frilles’ post further shows Filipinas love playing with each other
Carleigh Frilles | PWNFT

There’s a lot to like about the Philippine Women’s National Football Team (PWNFT) bound for the FIFA Women’s World Cup later this year.

The talent is obviously overflowing.

That indomitable will is certainly inspiring.

There is this interesting mix of likable personalities as well.

Then, there is also that unmistakable bond among the players. And this bond—nay, this sisterhood—has been evident throughout the Filipinas’ historic run over the past year and a half.

And midfielder Carleigh Frilles just gave us a glimpse of this wonderful bond within the PWNFT, posting on her Instagram a photo of her and fellow midfielders Sarina Bolden and Quinley Quezada in a group hug. Frilles, who made her national team debut in the 2022 AFC Women's Asian Cup exactly a year ago, captioned her post with “sissy vibes,” suggesting the New Zealand-bound Filipinas are more than just teammates but sisters—albeit the non-biological kind.

Not that it matters to Frilles, or to her fellow Filipinas for that matter. They have been through so much already, from the endless practices to the grueling matches and all the travelling. And through it all, it appears every minute of every moment has only drawn these ladies closer together—to the point they see each other now as sisters.

Expect Frilles and company to lean on this sisterhood they have forged over time as they are now in the midst of some intense preparations for the upcoming World Cup. The Filipinas’ lead-up to the ultimate tournament in women’s football includes a stint at the Pinatar Cup, where the PWNFT is expected to be in full force with the return of goalkeeper Inna Palacios.