May 29, 2024

Jeje besties to fierce rivalries: NU’s Bella Belen and UST’s Detdet Pepito are fr1endz 43v3r

Jeje besties to fierce rivalries: NU’s Bella Belen and UST’s Detdet Pepito are fr1endz 43v3r
Alam ‘yan ni Belen! Art by Mitzi Solano/One Sports

If Bella and Detdet decide to host their own talk show, the ratings would probably go through the roof.

How could it not when these long-time besties are both serving laughs and aces of punchlines in every interview?

Bella and Detdet's friendship is the true essence of sportsmanship at its finest, as they hugged each other right after the hard-fought championship series between the NU Lady Bulldogs and the UST Golden Tigresses.

The collegiate women’s volleyball tournament may now be over and naibalik na nga ang korona sa Sampaloc, but the comedic banter between the two is just getting started.

“Ay bati tayo? Charot!” Bella jokingly said as the Mini Miss U kapitana gave her a hug.

“Graduating ka na, kami naman ang champion next year,” said Detdet in jest.

“Eh kung nag-NU ka?” challenged the Season MVP.

But of course, the back-to-back Best Libero, whose heart and loyalty is to España, laughed it off.

The two kalog BFFs have such an inseparable bond that even after so many years playing for different teams, they remain close. 

As Bella hilariously said, they have known each other, down to their dirty little secrets

“Kilala ko na ‘yong ano niya, ‘yong self niya, ‘yong baho niya, ‘yong dungis niya ganun,” she told One Sports pertaining to Detdet.

What are Detdet’s and Bella's message to each other?

“Proud din ako kay Bella, kasi akala ko maglilibero lang siya,” Detdet said.

“Thankful din ako na napunta siya [Detdet] sa UST, napunta ako sa NU kasi kung hindi, feeling ko jejemon pa rin kami,” light-heartedly added Bella.

Naka-graduate na ba talaga sa pagiging jeje, Bella and Detdet?

Any Bella-Dedet duo on the same team plans in the future?

“Feeling ko kung magkasama kami, susuko sa’min ‘yong coach!” playfully said Bella.

Same team or not, we can’t get enough of Bella and Detdet.

Watch the full interview here:

(With reports from Xander Cipriano and Kiko Demigillo/One Sports Digital)