May 24, 2024

Top five UAAP volleyball players who are hilarious TikTok content creators... so far

Top five UAAP volleyball players who are hilarious TikTok content creators... so far
Isang ‘woah’ naman diyan! These UAAP volleyball players are must-follow athletes on TikTok. | Art by Mitzi Solano/One Sports

The second round of the UAAP Season 86 volleyball tournament may be becoming more intense, but there's always time to cool down and chill with some TikTok scrolling.

From captivating stories, undiscovered abilities, and dance showdowns, it turns out that your favorite UAAP players are more than student-athletes.

So, grab your popcorn, sit back, relax, and get ready for a wild ride through the funny side of TikTok with five of the most entertaining UAAP content creators so far.


 Josh Ybañez from the UST Golden Spikers (@im_joshie)

We can all probably agree that Kween Josh sparks joy in the UAAP on and off the court. From awra poses and kabogera moves, no doubt that the reigning MVP is a comedic genius.

The laughter never ends in his TikTok account.


Media Day🎥 📸

? Lil Boo Thang - Paul Russell

Other than these hilarious moments, Josh also shows the other side of being a student-athlete. From waking up as early as 4:40 in the morning, going through non-stop training, and balancing their academics, the UST Golden Spikers ace has made a lot of sacrifices.

Yet, he inspires his fellow student-athletes to not give up.

“If you’re one of us, you know how draining it is. Just rethink your purpose. Rethink of the reasons behind your sacrifices. We got this!,” he his TikTok post.

Thea Gagate from the DLSU Lady Spikers (@gagathea)


From her iconic clean girl fit-checks to dance-offs, Thea is slaying every move on and off the court.

Of course, she does all of that together with her bestie, DLSU captain, Julia Coronel.


channelling our younger brothers 😆

? Lemme get that - Frizz🗽.

Japan fits 🤍 #fyp

? original sound - EX7STENCE™


Alyssa Solomon from the NU Lady Bulldogs (@jaeboop)


Direk, may future 'to!


The Philippine acting scene must be shaking right now with the discovery of Alyssa Solomon's talent in front of the camera.



? my heart calls your name - editsbyk4ty

The NU Lady Bulldogs aren't just a threat on the volleyball court, these ladies can also dominate the dance floor.

G-Force, whomstve?


muntik na magsabay sabay 👍🏼

? Pantropiko - BINI

Bernadett Pepito from the UST Golden Tigresses (@badettyyy)


Roar with laughter as you watch the TikTok shenanigans of the UST Golden Tigresses via their captain’s account, Detdet.

Get a glimpse of their wildly funny side and kulitan galore.


Sassaagasa @EJ @abbupia on ig @Anjo

? Maria Hiwaga - Sassa Gurl

Gulo niyooo @abbupia on ig @Anjo @Jonna

? original sound - Aj Bragat - laurine’s bf💗

Noel Kampton from the DLSU Green Spikers (@noelkampton09)


The DLSU outside hitter is definitely a green flag as his TikTok account shows the hilarious bonding moments with his teammates. Not even fellow high school teammate and now UAAP rival, UP Fighting Maroons kween, Louis Gamban, was spared.



? original sound - Emil Kristian - Emil Kristian


And just like Ybañez, Kampton also motivates aspiring athletes to keep moving forward.

“When I was a kid, a lot of people [were] making fun of me because I play volleyball and bullied me because I am not strong enough just like them. But still, I trust the process because of my 1st believer, my Coach Abner,” he wrote.

Don’t forget to like and follow them for more UAAP fun updates! We can't wait to witness their looming Round 2 rematches, not just in volleyball, but on the dance floors as well.