February 28, 2024

Jen Nierva, Fifi Sharma team up for 'fasavogue' project that suits them perfectly

Jen Nierva, Fifi Sharma team up for
Instagram/Jen Nierva | Instagram/Fifi Sharma

Through the years, volleyball in the Philippines has continually churned out absolute superstars. Baldo. RAD. Tyang. Boss D. We don't even have to say their real names and you still know exactly who they are.

 In the PVL, a new crop of marquee names every conference makes the league sustain its excitement. Most of them come from the UAAP, where the country's top collegiate volleyball happens. Just like Jen Nierva of the Chery Tiggo Crossovers and Fifi Sharma of the Akari Chargers.

 It would be thrilling to see them battle on the court in the PVL All-Filipino Conference later this October. From the UAAP to the PVL quick. 

 But you know what's probably better? Nierva and Sharma teaming up for a show.

 The two former UAAP stars shared on their respective Instagram Stories that they're part of a project being cooking up. Based on their posts, it looks like Nierva and Sharma will be working on season two of The Bounce. 

 Always nice to see athletes venturing into other fields. 

Nierva and Sharma, who starred for the NU Lady Bulldogs and the De La Salle Lady Spikers, respectively, are natural in front of the camera and are quite articulate too, so hosting should be an easy transition for them. Their entertaining personalities are perfect as well. Don't be surprised if they suddenly talk about BTS star Jungkook.

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They will forever have fond memories of their time in the UAAP, where they both swiftly made a them for themselves with their talent and charm. Now, Nierva is looking to make a better showing in the PVL after debuting for Chery Tiggo in the Invitational Conference, while Sharma is aiming to make a huge splash as the prized rookie of Akari.

Season 1 of The Bounce aired on the UAAP Varsity Channel.