June 25, 2024

'Napalaban sa Kazakhstan!': Chery Tiggo's Mylene Paat goes on unexpected hike in partner's hometown

Sabi lakad lang eh! Photo © Instagram | @mypaat_7

Chery Tiggo’s Mylene Paat has been enjoying her visit to her fiancé and fellow pro volleyball player Sergey Rezanov’s hometown in Kazakhstan. 

She has been taking big steps in her relationship with her fiancé, already meeting the Rezanov family and receiving a warm welcome from them.

Apart from a romantic dinner, Mama P also traveled to popular tourist destinations in Kazakhstan with the Rezanov family.

“Great day with great people,” she wrote on her Instagram post.


But of course, even through the PVL offseason, the MVP spiker couldn't quite escape a daunting physical task.

In the midst of her laid-back vacation in Kazakhstan, just when Mama P thought that it was just a simple walking exercise, their “leisurely walk” turned into spontaneous hiking

“Eto ‘yong sabing lakad-lakad lang. Kaya ganyan suot ko. ‘Di naman sinabing dalawang bundok pala ang aakyatin namin. Iyak tawa na lang,” she jokingly shared in her Instagram story.

Their relationship is being taken to new heights...literally.

Overall though, Kazakhstan has been looking like Mama P’s second home as she basks in every moment with the Rezanov family, especially now that she and Sergey are close to tying the knot.