February 28, 2024

What Michelle Cobb does during weekends will make you adore her even more

What Michelle Cobb does during weekends will make you adore her even more
Facebook/Akari Power Chargers

She’s not just a volleyball player!

Make no mistake, Akari Chargers captain Michelle Cobb is a fantastic talent. Yep, don’t let her angelic face and 5-foot-4 frame fool you. She’s got sharp instincts and a burning desire to win, which can make you say, “DAMN” when you see her play.

That being said, there’s a lot more to this 24-year-old setter than meets the eye. Aside from winning volleyball games, Cobb is also super passionate about animal care. Earlier this year, she posted a series of Instagram stories to promote responsible pet ownership through spaying.

Well, over the weekend, she’s back in her element.

Visiting a rescue and rehabilitation center for dogs, Michelle extended her hand to help the furry creatures in need.

She documented the day through a new set of IG stories that were posted on Saturday.

There, she met her new friends, a couple of chubby canines named Pam and Angie.

Michelle also made sure to remind us that many dogs are still suffering through extreme cruelty to this day by posting a picture of dilapidated, rusty dog crates, stacked on top of the other.

Just imagine, those filthy cages were used to house several poor mutts not too long ago.

It’s a good thing people like Michelle exist in this world. It’s quite refreshing, knowing that her heroics don’t end on the volleyball court.  

Akari finished its campaign in the PVL Second All-Filipino Conference in seventh place with a 5-6 slate. As the Chargers start training camp for next season, expect Cobb to redirect her focus on helping her squad break through to another level.