May 23, 2024

Mylene Paat looks back and gives back

Mylene Paat looks back and gives back
Instagram/Mylene Paat

Mylene Paat is a real MVP.

The Chery Tiggo Crossovers may have failed to reach the semifinals of the 2023 PVL All-Filipino Conference, but the team captain is already a winner in her hometown of Bani, Pangasinan.

The 2022 Reinforced Conference MVP on Monday shared photos of her first outreach program in Barangay Luac.

"Giving back all the glory and honor to you God," she wrote in her Instagram post.

"Throughout my existence in this world ang daming nangyari. Maraming pagsubok ang pinaranas. Mabuti man o hindi, masasabi ko na it is still a blessing from above," Paat added.

The Chery Tiggo captain had plenty of help from her @_leftypaat07 page admins, as well as the local officials from the barangay. During the program, she led the giveaway for kids, utilizing her many partnerships as a star athlete.

"I am one of those people who have been blessed with a life that is not very luxurious but full of love and support from my family and friends. Masasabi ko na napakaswerte ko dahil meron akong kayo na laging nandyan at nakasuporta sa akin."

Paat has always made efforts to shine a spotline on her hometown, even looking back on her days at the Bani National High School.
She was also extra proud to take a photo with her MVP poster made in the barangay.
So wherever Paat may be playingeither in Nakhon Ratchasima or in Metro Manila, she'll always be a Banian at heart.