December 01, 2023

Jeff Chan’s daughters show they got the sporty genes, too

Jeff Chan’s daughters show they got the sporty genes, too
Facebook/Jeff Chan

When not draining threes for the NorthPort Batang Pier in the PBA, Jeff Chan spends his time being a family man and an ultra-supportive dad to his daughters Amara and Aerin. Like their dad, the two young girls are very much into sports. And like any other good parent, both Jeff and his wife Donna are doing everything they can to help their children carry out their dreams.

Amara appears to be an aspiring volleyball player. On Jeff Chan’s Instagram, the Bacolod sniper posted a couple of stories showing how proud he was of his eldest daughter as she engaged in what looks like a volleyball workshop for kids.

Here’s the six-time PBA champion showing off Amara’s serving skills. That serve was an ace, by the way. 

And here’s Amara, all smiles while holding up her certificate of completion.

Aerin on the other hand, already deserves to be labeled as a golf prodigy. Look at her swing. Daddy Jeff thinks that it’s at par with superstar pro golfer Rory McIlroy.

Don’t get us wrong, though, Ate Amara has a mean swing as well. Peep this post wherein the Chan sisters strutted on the fairways, and collected a couple of trophies in the process.

Chan’s youngest daughter is already winning tournaments locally. And last year, she was able to play in her first international meet as part of the Philippine contingent that participated in the Premier Golf Academy Hawk Open in San Diego, California.

Now, it looks like she’s headed to another tournament abroad after a 1st runner-up finish in the IMG Academy Junior World qualifier last April.

“The golf Gods have been good to us this month. IMG Junior World, here we come,” mommy Donna wrote on her post.

In conclusion, Amara and Aerin might be seen slaying it in prestigious volleyball tournaments and golf championships in a few years. With the talent and the support system that the Chan sisters have, it certainly is possible.