December 01, 2023

Protect yourselves at all times, even on the hardwood: Basketball fights of 2022

Protect yourselves at all times, even on the hardwood: Basketball fights of 2022


Happy New Year, everyone! For most people, this is the perfect time to let bygones be bygones and move on from past grudges. Well, that’s nice and all but we decided to go against the grain.

So, let your primeval instincts kick in as we look back on the most heated basketball confrontations and social media posturing of 2022.

Let’s get it on!

Honorable mention (can we really call it that?)

Terrence Romeo vs Alec Stockton

Warm yourselves up for this wild ride with an intense staredown between SMB star Terrence Romeo and Alec Stockton of the Converge Fiber Xers. In the quarterfinals of the Commissioner’s Cup this December, the two former Tamaraws literally locked horns amid their highly physical head-to-head matchup. And when we say locked horns, we meant it involved a light headbutt, courtesy of The Bro.

The actual list:

Topex Robinson vs Myles Powell

We stay in the Commissioner’s Cup for our next item to revisit the moment when Phoenix Fuel Masters head coach Topex Robinson looked ready to risk everything as he tried to get his hands on Bay Area Dragons import Myles Powell. Whatever was said to set things off, it worked like a high-precision detonator. 

Raymar Jose vs Arvin Tolentino

In the opener of the Governors’ Cup Finals back in April, then-Ginebra forward Arvin Tolentino and Meralco’s Raymar Jose unnecessarily got entangled with only a few seconds left in what was already a decided game. Things almost got out of hand as the two big men nearly came to blows while exchanging expletives on their way back to the dugouts.


We know they’re ok now, but haven’t these guys heard of that unwritten rule wherein you’re supposed to just let the clock run out when the game’s out of reach?


PBA Motoclub vs Rendon Labador

At the height of this social media feud, basketball enthusiasts from all walks of life can’t help but get riled up from all the WWE-type trash talk thrown by both camps. There was flaunting of money and outrageous claims — like how Labador was at Kobe Bryant’s level. 

It all started with Marc Pingris challenging the muscle-bound influencer to a game of one-on-one. And it finally ended with Ping, Rico Maierhofer, and the rest of the PBA Motoclub moving on to do a charity game with popular Youtubers Mavs’ Phenomenal Basketball.

Letran Knights vs CSB Blazers - NCAA Finals

This championship encounter involved all sorts of inappropriate action. One player gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “behind the back.” There was a blatant elbow thrown at an opponent’s jaw in front of a referee. And the MVP of the tournament was seen on camera, challenging someone to a fistfight. Letran, however, survived through it all and got their three-peat.

John Amores vs CSB Blazers

In a blowout NCAA Game in favor of the Blazers, John Amores of the Heavy Bombers lost control of his emotions and went on a rampage, attacking anyone he saw wearing the opposing team’s jersey. It was a bizarre scenario that would remind you of a powerful anime character, ready to destroy anyone who’s standing in its path. Sanctions were meted out, cases were filed, and now, the parties involved are trying to move forward the best way they can.

At the end of the day, our New Year’s wish for the game is to have zero fights in 2023. It would really be better if it’ll be all love and healthy competition amongst players from here on out. But wait, would it really be better if that would happen?