March 02, 2024

Former DLSU top scorer Schonny Winston might be built for Gilas Pilipinas

Former DLSU top scorer Schonny Winston might be built for Gilas Pilipinas

Schonny Winston was on track to win the MVP trophy in Season 85 of the UAAP before he went down due to a calf injury. Averaging 21.3 points, 6.1 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 3 steals through the first round was no joke. That’s why it was no surprise that his name was included in the 24-man pool of Gilas Pilipinas, which is currently gearing up for the sixth window of the FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers.

Practicing to make the country’s men’s basketball team for the first time, Winston showed that not only does he possess tremendous talent, but the right attitude as well. He’s keen on showing what he can do for Gilas, and at the same time he’s trying to learn from his seniors. Particularly, he looks up to Cjay Perez and Dwight Ramos.

“Dwight [Ramos] because he played in the States. And Cjay [Perez] 'cause he’s a really good point guard. I mean, me coming in as a youngest player — or one of the youngest players coming out of college, it’s just learning, got to learn as much as I can and take in as much as I can with these older players,” the 24-year-old guard explained.

When it comes to representing the Philippines as part of the national contingent, Winston, like his playing style, wasn't gun-shy in expressing his desire and thankfulness for the opportunity.

“I’m honored. Like it’s really a blessing to represent and put the jersey on. It’s about this on the front and not on the back, so it is really an honor. I want to get as much as I can and give, and give, and give.” 

From a basketball standpoint, he might have a legitimate shot at making the cut. Gilas head coach Chot Reyes recognizes Winston’s value, and he’s definitely taking a close look at how the former DLSU superstar’s offensive package might just fit into his system.

“We wanted to take a look at Schonny because there always is room for more shooters,” Reyes said.