June 25, 2024

More than just a team, Alas Pilipinas are now Seoul-mates

More than just a team, Alas Pilipinas are now Seoul-mates
Girls just wanna have fun. Photo © Instagram | @vaniegandler

More than clinching the bronze medal in the 2024 AVC Challenge Cup, the newly-formed Alas Pilipinas have attained a real victory in life—the unbreakable bond of friendship.

And now that they are in South Korea after participating in the "Serve-Spike, Unite!" exhibition game against the Powerful Daegu, their girl squad gets tighter. 

After glamorous shopping and taking creative photo booth snaps, the Alas Pilipinas went on an epic adventure at Lotte World, South Korea.

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And who said sunshine was the only ingredient for a good time?

Rainy days can’t rain on the parade of the Alas Pilipinas, as they are still making waves at the amusement park.

Thea Gagate also shared her sleek-n-sassy fit check feat. Sisi Rondina and Eya Laure’s bardagulan.


The women’s volleyball national team also attended the Pistang Pinoy sa Korea 2024 in honor of the 75th anniversary of the of the official declaration of diplomatic ties between the Republic of the Philippines and Republic of South Korea.

To more TikTok entries, fab OOTDs, and glam-tastic fit checks, Alas Pilipinas.

Jeulgeoun sigan bonaeseyo, yeojadeura!