June 25, 2024

“May hugot sa love?”: NU Lady Bulldogs gets real about dating

“May hugot sa love?”: NU Lady Bulldogs gets real about dating
Crush na crush na crush kita~ Art by Mitzi Solano/One Sports

Love life is the extracurricular that almost everyone is enrolled in. Dating in college is quite the norm, especially as young adults explore relationships, whether casually or more seriously.

But it can be a bit different for student athletes, such as the reigning Season 86 champions, the NU Lady Bulldogs. Due to their demanding schedule and commitment to volleyball, balancing academics, athletics, and personal relationships can be quite challenging.

However, it remains possible for them to navigate it with the help of effective time management, communication, and understanding of both partners.

 In the TV guesting of the Lady Bulldogs at One Balita Pilipinas, Filipina journalist Cheryl Cosim asked the young squad of NU whether they experienced heartbreak from romantic partners that drove them on their successful redemption tour.

“So, you guys are very open?” asked Cheryl.

“Yes po,” answered NU in unison.

“Whether may pinagdadaanan ‘yan sa love?” Cheryl playfully questioned.

It must be remembered that earlier in the second round of the collegiate volleyball scene, NU star Bella Belen jokingly hard launched her hunky and sporty “boyfriend” … which then turned out to be a mannequin.



? Hell N Back (feat. Summer Walker) - Bakar

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“Knows how to budget, knows how to motivate me, VERY understanding person, knows how to communicate well, not my teammates’ exes,” she wrote.

Girl code 101!

So the question is, who’s the lucky person who makes the NU girls’ hearts flutter?

“Pwede ba ang lovelife sa ganyan [student athlete]?” curiously asked Cheryl.

“Bawal po, eh,” Lady Bulldogs answered.

“Focus po kami sa goal. Study first,” Bella jestedly added.

“So, wala talagang may lovelife sa inyo?”Cheryl wondered.

“Wala na po kaming time sa lovelife,” Bella emphasized.

“Kain, tulog, training, then study lang po,” team captain Erin Pangilinan also said.

For the “strong, independent women" of the NU Lady Bulldogs, the trophy shines brighter than any romance. 

Love may not be the MVP for now for these newly crowned volleyball champs, but the thrill of travel trumps all. The NU squad is planning to go on a South Korean vacation as a reward for their championship.

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