May 29, 2024

‘I’m a girl, too’: NU Lady Bulldogs’ Moments That Scream ~ Girlhood~

‘I’m a girl, too’: NU Lady Bulldogs’ Moments That Scream ~ Girlhood~
Who run the world? Girls! Art by Mitzi Solano/One Sports

Who says you can’t be both fierce and fabulous?

NU’s Vange Alinsug is serving looks on and off the court. Apart from bringing glitz and glamor throughout the whole women's volleyball tournament for the Lady Bulldogs, she also made sure that her makeup game was on point before they were crowned as Season 86 champions.

Slay ka diyan, mareng Vangie!

Pak na pak model award goes to Bella

Season MVP and Best Outside Spiker Bella Belen already made a striking declaration on the first day of the second round of the collegiate volleyball tournament with her pak-na-pak-with-kaldag runway walk. And now that they've finally returned the crown to Sampaloc, Bella proves she’s an icon with her laroshie poses along with her beloved trophy.

B3ll4 l4nq s4k4L4m :---)

Rivals on the court, besties in compassion

Childhood BFFs Bella Belen and Detdet Pepito, along with strategic setters NU’s Lams Lamina and Cassie Carballo, show that sportsmanship transcends victory and defeat. Even in times of setbacks, friendship conquers all.

Big hugs *with consent,* ladies!

The rivalry between the NU Lady Bulldogs and the UST Golden Tigresses is proof that healthy competition and fierce battles can co-exist. These volleyball champions spike stereotypes with their unstoppable girl power.