June 14, 2024

‘You taught me to fight’: Milena Alessandrini bids UST farewell through heartfelt message

‘You taught me to fight’: Milena Alessandrini bids UST farewell through heartfelt message

Late Monday night, Milena Alessandrini said goodbye to the UST community through an emotional message that detailed her colorful journey with her fellow Tomasinos.

The 6-foot-1 outside hitter’s heartfelt letter can be seen on her Facebook page and other social media pages.


From her opening line, one could already feel the weight she’s carrying while she’s writing her farewell note.

"I never imagined coming to the other side of the world and completely changing my life forever."

Alessandrini has been instrumental in UST’s Final Four campaign in Season 85 of the UAAP women’s volleyball tournament. What made it even more special was the fact that she came off a knee injury that sat her out for more than three years. In her final year with the Tigresses, the 25-year-old foreign student-athlete showed tremendous resilience as she overcame several challenges, including mental hurdles caused by her previous ACL tear.

For her new-found grit and toughness, she thanked her school.

“You gave me the opportunity to be part of something so big and I am so proud to represent this university as much as I could with all of my being despite the adversity and painful injuries and for that, I will always be grateful,” Milena wrote.

“I had the chance to find myself, to rediscover myself, to grow, to improve and learn. You taught me to fight, to commit and to work hard.”

Alessandrini first made noise in the UAAP by winning the Rookie of the Year award in Season 80. Now, she ended her collegiate volleyball career in the Philippines serving as an inspiration to players who are on the comeback trail. In the next chapter of her journey, it’s almost certain that she’ll find a way to reinvent herself once more.