April 14, 2024

Vanie Gandler's motivational message is something everyone can relate to

Vanie Gandler

It’s safe to say that Vanie Gandler has been spectacular during the start of her PVL career.

Under the Cignal HD Spikers, Gandler quickly blossomed into one of the team’s stars and ever-so-dependable scorers.

So, how does Vanie do it? Well, aside from her training and preparations for games, it could be also how she motivates herself to do better each time around.

Case in point—her recent motivation message on Instagram which many individuals, whether you’re an athlete or even a fan of the PVL, can relate to.

In her Instagram story, Gandler posted an excerpt from author Joseph Nguyen’s book entitled “Don't Believe Everything You Think.”

“It's not about the events that happen in our lives, but our interpretation of them, which causes us to feel good or bad about something,” the quote read. “This is how people in third world countries can be happier than people in first world countries and people in first world countries can be more miserable than people in third world countries.”

“Our feelings do not come from external events, but from our own thinking about the events,” it added.

In essence, the quote implies that by changing our interpretation of events and adopting a more positive or constructive mindset, we have the potential to influence our emotional well-being regardless of external circumstances.

As an athlete, it’s always important to have a positive mindset when coming into games.

And that’s what Gandler must have been doing to be able to produce day in and day out for the HD Spikers. In fact, she has always had quite a positive attitude in life, especially during her up-and-down career with the Ateneo Blue Eagles.

With just two more games in their schedule, Cignal will look to sweep their games to secure their spot in the semifinals—two of which have already been taken.