December 02, 2023

Rachel Anne Daquis has very relatable reaction after renewing driver's license

Rachel Anne Daquis has very relatable reaction after renewing driver

It’s been on the news as of late that there has been a shortage of driver’s license cards in the country.

That’s why Rachel Anne Daquis of the Cignal HD Spikers couldn’t help but share her funny and very relatable reaction upon receiving her "new" driver’s license in paper form.

In her Instagram Story, the Cignal star shared a glimpse of her renewal day in the Land Transporation Office in Pasig.

After receiving her license, Daquis couldn’t help but joke around her new “lisensya de papel,” which is, to be fair, an apt description of what the 35-year-old volleybelle received as proof that, yes, she can drive around. 

But Queen RAD wasn't done with the jokes.

“Anyare na Pinas, makaalis na nga. Char,” Daquis added on her IG story.

Now, Cignal fans can take solace in the "Char" part, as at least they know that Cignal's heart and soul is only joking. 

Kidding aside, Filipino motorists can definitely relate to Daquis in as far as receiving a paper driver's license in place of the plastic card. She is not the first one. She probably won't be the last. 

But, of course, the important thing is to have that alll-important license renewed, especially for an athlete like RAD, who will need to get to her training sessions and games on time.