July 22, 2024

Best of both worlds: Meet Kathy Gener, PBA A/V specialist *and* Shirley manager

Best of both worlds: Meet Kathy Gener, PBA A/V specialist *and* Shirley manager
Kathy Gener has the best of both worlds working with the PBA and Shirley. Art by Mitzi Solano/One Sports
Best of both worlds collide for Kathy Gener, a PBA veteran with two decades under her belt working with the league, while also being an active member-manager of the band Shirley.


Here are three Ang Bandang Shirley songs that describe Kathy’s career in the basketball league and the indie music scene. 



Ang daming nangyayari,

Isang daan


For Kathy, her PBA grind began in 2003 when she first stepped into the league as an audio-video specialist. For years now, she has been creating an in-arena atmosphere that ensures the beauty of the game is felt beyond the court-side seats.


But balancing her time between the high-paced environment of professional basketball and the demands of managing a band isn’t without its challenges.


“Conducive,” is the word Gener would use to describe her work in the PBA, appreciative of the flexibility that allows her to navigate a hectic schedule.


“‘Yung schedule [sa PBA at Shirley], medyo mahirap talaga.” 


Sometimes, Kathy needs to take a leave for important band events with Shirley, yet her commitment to both basketball and music remain balanced.


“Pero mostly, ano siya, nasuportahan ng job ko yung real world job with the band kaya siguro tumagal ako.”


Understanding the thrill of live gigs, Kathy extends an invitation to the PBA fans, as there’s nothing quite like seeing the games in person.


“Ayun, sana manood sila ng PBA, masaya actually ang live.”


“Mas masaya talaga siya panoorin ng live.”




Always loved the view.

You are here,

This is my favorite place.


Among Shirley’s wide discography, “Ilang2x” stands out the most for Kathy, as it captures her love for songwriting.


“Actually, ‘yung favorite song ko ng Shirley is ‘yung Ilang2x, nung unang narinig ko ‘yun parang sobrang nabilib lang ako sa songwriting ng band member ko,” she mentioned.


Originally not a core member of Ang Bandang Shirley, Gener was eventually welcomed into their fold because of her love for the band.


“Hindi talaga ako isa sa mga original members nung umpisa, sinama na lang nila ako sa mga practices and all.”


“Fan talaga ako ng band, so ‘yun, doon siya nag-start hanggang sa naging member na rin ako.”


Reflecting on their albums, Kathy speaks fondly of “Favorite.” an album she believes to be a work that captures the band’s overall taste and experiences.


“Kasi feeling ko, ‘yung lahat ng experiences namin as a band, tapos ‘yung pinaka-gusto talaga naming tunog, napakita talaga namin doon sa album [Favorite] na yun.”



Bawa’t isa ay maningning.

To the fans of Ang Bandang Shirley, Kathy says thank you.

“Sa mga fans ng Ang Bandang Shirley, i-tthank you ko kasi hanggang ngayon, all these years, nakikinig pa ‘rin sila sa band, even if nagpalit na yung members and ang tagal na.

From their early days to the present, the band's journey has been shaped by their fans, old and new, who continue to discover their music through word of mouth and more.

“‘Yung Shirley kasi, hindi talaga siya mainstream na maririnig mo anywhere.”

“Tapos may mga fans kami na parang nag-grow up na ‘rin with us.”



In the crossover of sports and music, Kathy’s journey stands as a testament to balancing two worlds, making an impact in both the PBA and Filipino indie music.

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