June 22, 2024

Gen Z NBA star Paolo Banchero rocks millennial-inspired jeans, gives titos horrid flashbacks

Gen Z NBA star Paolo Banchero rocks millennial-inspired jeans, gives titos horrid flashbacks
Associated Press

Orlando Magic’s Paolo Banchero had a stellar rookie year.

So far, the first overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft has exceeded expectations and is poised for a successful career, having already won the Rookie of the Year award.

A career in fashion, on the other hand, doesn't necessarily promise stardom for Banchero.

Recently, he starred on the cover of the latest edition of SLAM magazine in the US. There, the talented young forward is seen wearing excessively oversized jeans—or as today's titos would call them, elephant.

The titos would know, because they wore those baggy jeans back in their teenage years.


Paolo Banchero covers SLAM 244. https://t.co/1Manl7O24s pic.twitter.com/Tsh9oUJCRC

— SLAM (@SLAMonline) May 24, 2023

NBA fans quickly took notice of Banchero’s photo, roasting him left and right.

And their jokes were inspired by NBA legend Michael Jordan. It's probably fitting, as Jordan himself is an icon of the titos.

michael jordan when he sees paolo's jeans https://t.co/xpOxFGrNql pic.twitter.com/OgLuMzZguM

— Joe Ali (@JoeAli) May 24, 2023

MJ seeing how wide these jeans are https://t.co/p1cYO8QIv8 pic.twitter.com/5oB0rN9thn

— Grant Goldberg (@GrantGoldberg) May 24, 2023

https://t.co/yxfl3S3ZOt pic.twitter.com/v5GmzXRGdR

— anna melissa 🏀? (@annamelissa) May 24, 2023

Can you blame them, though? Those pants look hideous (but don't say that to the millennial guys). 

Just tell them: "Paolo Banchero's pants are so good, they look like TJ Ford's shorts." They'd get that. Ford may not be an icon, but your baller titos would remember him.

TJ Ford walked so Paolo Banchero could run. https://t.co/quOjhCrK2d pic.twitter.com/sEUc8oOsjE

— Mike Beauvais (@MikeBeauvais) May 24, 2023

You can get rid of the man but not the idea https://t.co/PEmAPp8b44 pic.twitter.com/i3TCtTFNbM

— Patrick Andres (@PAndres2001) May 24, 2023

A behind-the-scenes footage of Banchero putting on the oversized jeans also made the rounds online—and the comments are just hilarious.

"Worst fit of all time," said netizen @miawashere_. 

"Low key put my boi in a dress," commented @kvnmartone, who also included a face palm emoji for good measure. 

When Paolo arrives for next season's training camp, it is almost a guarantee that he will face some playful teasing from his teammates about this magazine cover.

But it’s all serious from then on for the Magic as they look to make a solid run for the NBA Playoffs next season. And with Banchero leading the charge, it’s definitely possible—with or without his elephant jeans.