April 25, 2024

Get hyped!: 5 compelling reasons to watch NBA Hype

Get hyped!: 5 compelling reasons to watch NBA Hype
NBA Hype

Dedicating an hour of your day watching a show about the NBA is definitely time well spent. That’s a guaranteed swish like a wide-open three from Steph Curry. 

But if you’re still not convinced like a skeptical Los Angeles Clippers fan, you should definitely check out NBA Hype.

Hilarious hosts, entertaining segments, and everything in between—it’s the total package.

To get you more hyped up, find out from the hosts themselves, why watching the show should become a weekly habit.

The Hype crew keeps it real

No sugarcoating allowed. That seems to be the mantra of the hosts. Those who deserve it will be called out and will have to take a healthy dose of good-natured clowning. The ones who deserve love will get it as well. 

“It’s not your typical show. We will always give you our most real opinions about everything surrounding the NBA,” Bea Escudero said.

Makaka-relate ka!

When on the show, the hosts’ day jobs as TV presenters, sportswriters, basketball players, and a coach take a backseat. When the studio lights turn on, the guys become NBA fans first and foremost, ready to engage in GOAT debates and salivate over the latest Victor Wembanyama highlight.

“We relax our journalistic tendencies and just go hard on being fans of the game. You’ll get to hear about our biases and hot takes,” shared Carlo Pamintuan.

They have a unique sense of humor

Jokes disguised as truth bombs or truth bombs disguised as jokes? Whatever it is, you’ll find yourself laughing along with the hysterically funny group. It’s like watching Friends, but all the storylines are about the NBA.

“If you don’t (watch NBA Hype), Coach Charles (Tiu) will call ALL OF YOU a bunch of losers,” said Tin Gamboa.

See what we mean? 

The episode-enders are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Every week, the show ends with a wild and wacky battle for the hype belt. It could come in the form of absurdly difficult quizzes, extremely intense games of charades, and the like. There’s a good chance that the episode-enders will turn out to be your favorite part of the show.

“There are the guessing games that are silly, fun, informative, and tricky all at the same time. And with that, we hope the audience joins in on too,” Boom Gonzalez added.

The lineup is stacked

Check out the NBA Hype crew roster:

Boom Gonzalez - Veteran sports anchor

Charles Tiu - Heartthrob coach

Bea Escudero - Hearththrob host

Tin Gamboa - Jason Kidd lifer, host

Carlo Pamintuan - High-ranking MFFL member, sportswriter

Jutt Sulit - Nick Van Exel stan, sports anchor

Mikee Reyes - Social media influencer, shoot-first point guard

Isaac Go - The Big Chill during the day, The Big Nasty at night

Tyler Tio - Future PBA superstar, original BTS member

Diego Dario - PBA player with inspiring story

They check all the boxes, including the most important ones.

“Mainit na ngayon ang NBA kaya kami na ang bahala sa inyo. ‘Yung hosts natin, mga pogi at magaganda. Tsaka may alam rin naman sa basketball kahit papaano,” Tito Mikee jokingly said.

Catch NBA Hype on NBA TV Philippines every Saturday at 5 p.m. or through the Pilipinas Live app.