December 01, 2023

Breaking stereotypes: Bianca Bustamante gets featured on popular morning show in US

Breaking stereotypes: Bianca Bustamante gets featured on popular morning show in US
Facebook/Bianca Bustamante

They say fortune favors the bold. Well, Filipino racing prodigy Bianca Bustamante is that and a lot more. No wonder her career is quite on fire right now.

Bustamante reached another milestone in her motorsports journey after getting featured on the popular American TV show Good Morning America (GMA). Along with the other leading ladies of the F1 Academy, she was given an opportunity to promote her sport and the platform that allows her to showcase her world-class driving skills.

On Saturday, Bustamante saw herself on the TV screen and took to Instagram to express her excitement.

"Literally woke up to this just now," Bustamante wrote. 

During the interview, Bustamante, who's the first female driver of the McLaren developmental program, discussed what it’s like to break the mold and how it feels to be a member of the F1 family.

“Growing up, I’ve always raced against boys and I always felt sort of alone. I was the only female, the only girl. I always felt so left out,” the 18-year-old speedster said.

She also talked about why she plays the song "Glorious" by rapper Macklemore as her pump-up music before races. For her, one line sticks out.

“'My mama never told me to bow my head.' And I think that’s really what it has been my whole life in this sport. It’s never back down from who you’re racing against, whether it’s a girl or a boy,” explained Bustamante.

Earlier this month, Bianca ended her stint in the non-championship round of the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship with a DNF (did not finish) due to another car that crashed in front of her. She admitted that she was frustrated by it, but she also took it in stride.

 Looking to bounce back, Bustamante’s resilient attitude will play a big factor in making it happen.