April 25, 2024

Rhenz Abando reacts to KBL MVP’s blunt warning for former NBA star Jeremy Lin

Rhenz Abando reacts to KBL MVP’s blunt warning for former NBA star Jeremy Lin
Instagram/Kaohsiung Steelers, Facebook/Anyang KGC, Facebook/Seoul SK Knights

A titanic clash is about to go down in the EASL and Korean Basketball League (KBL) Filipino Asian import Rhenz Abando is all for it.

First, a quick backstory:

In 2012, Linsanity took over the basketball world and it was impossible for anyone, not named Kobe Bryant, to have missed it. Ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers showdown against the Knicks 11 years ago, the Black Mamba categorically denied knowing what Linsanity was and even laughed at the idea of guarding the man behind the phenomenon.

In response, Lin erupted for 38 points on top of 7 assists as he led the Knicks to an electrifying victory over Bryant’s Lakers.

Fast forward to 2023, where Lin finds himself in a similar situation. The only difference is he’s now playing the part of Kobe. Currently suiting up for the New Taipei Kings, the former NBA star said he doesn’t know of Korean Basketball League (KBL) superstar Kim Sun Hyung. Lin reportedly said this ahead of their meeting in the EASL home-and-away season.

Lin’s Kings are set to face Kim and the Seoul SK Knights tonight, Wednesday at 7.p.m. Asked for a reaction to Lin’s statement, the two-time KBL MVP’s reply was succinct yet loud and clear.

“He will know me when he plays against me,” Kim said in an interview uploaded on EASL’s Instagram.

Abando, who plays for SK Knights’ KBL rival Anyang Jung Kwan Jang Red Boosters, excitedly used emojis to comment. He was actually rooting for Kim despite how the latter made it real tough for Anyang to win the championship during the 2023 KBL Finals.

“🗣💯 @sunhyung5 🙌,” Abando posted.

The ideal scenario for Abando would be him eating popcorn on the couch as he watches Kim hang a 30-piece and the W on Lin and the Kings.