April 14, 2024

Sara Eggesvik’s latest post won’t make many fanboys happy, other Filipinas react

Sara Eggesvik’s latest post won’t make many fanboys happy, other Filipinas react
PFF/Mia Montayre

Filipinas crowd-favorite Sara Eggesvik broke the hearts of her countless fans. But perhaps it’s just temporary. Her admirers will surely get over it and be happy for their favorite footballer. 

What exactly are we talking about here? Well, it’s about an Instagram post that the 26-year-old midfielder upped on Monday. It was a picture of Eggesvik, with glee on her face, standing next to a dashing fellow. Her caption for the photo says it all. 

“Lately🫶🏼,” she wrote. 

That dashing fellow is not just some random dashing fellow. His name is Simen Lyngbo. Like Sara, he is also a footballer who grew up in Norway. Lyngbo is a member of the Philippine Azkals, and currently plays professionally for Indonesian club Persik Kediri. What a lucky dude!  

How do you compete, though, against a handsome and athletic guy like that? 

But hey, at some point, Eggesvik’s fans would have to admit that Sara and Simen look good together. 

The other Filipinas certainly think so. 

Angie Beard has the perfect label for the two. 

“POWER COUPLE 🤩🫶🏽,” she commented. 

Carleigh Frilles was clearly thrilled for her teammate. 

“Loveeeeee,” said the 21-year-old midfielder. 

Dominique Harris seemed to be at a loss for words, so she went with the emojis instead. 

“😍😍😍,” Harris posted. 

Of course, Eggesvik’s fanboys had to vent their emotions. 

“Oh no she's taken,” wrote IG user abielcolin. 

Netizen jessie_b0y found it useless to hide his feelings. 

“Iyak 😅,” he said, 

Another tried to make peace with the situation and simply accepted what happened. 

“Wala na. Tapos na ang pila.😢,” posted _cjm.7 

Eggesvik is coming off off a historic FIFA Women’s World Cup appearance with the Filipinas. And as her latest IG entry suggests, she’s not yet done winning.