February 21, 2024

For You Pinoys: Filipinas who have fun on TikTok, IG and why you should follow them

For You Pinoys: Filipinas who have fun on TikTok, IG and why you should follow them
Art by Royce Nicdao

The Philippine women's national football team is making history by appearing in the FIFA Women's World Cup later this month.

Obviously, they're skilled in the beautiful game. But some of them are pretty good in the social media game, too.

Here are some Filipinas to follow on TikTok and Instagram.

Olivia McDaniel (Tiktok.com/@oliviadmcd)

We stan this Filipinas goalkeeper. The first reason is she's a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

@oliviadmcd #fyp ? End Title Theme (From "Avatar The Last Airbender") - Anime Zing
The second reason is she and sister Chandler McDaniel make great Halloween group costumes. They became Luffy, Ace, and Sabo from One Piece!
@oliviadmcd hopping on this trend 😜 #PostitAffirmations #fyp #halloween2021 #onepiece #luffy ? Super Freaky Girl - Nicki Minaj
The power of youth is strong with this dedication to a Rock Lee cosplay from Naruto!
@oliviadmcd THE POWER OF YOUTH #halloween #narutoshippuden #boruto #anime #guysensei #rocklee #metallee ? original sound - EX7STENCE™

The McDaniel sisters could probably give Gabe Norwood of the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters a run for best group costume every Halloween.

Sara Eggesvik (Tiktok.com/@sara.eggesvik)

Midfielder Sara Eggesvik is cute as a button. She can also likely save your life as a medical student.

@sara.eggesvik Just a girl wanting to play football #footballtiktokph #tiktoksportsph #footballtogether #bisaya #labanpilipinas ? original sound - cloeyuddenberg
And don't let the Norwegian surname fool you! Sara knows her Bisaya, thanks to her mother from Davao.
@sara.eggesvik Svarer @kyliekyle Here is some bisaya. Phrases I picked up from home maybe👀 #footballtogether #footballtiktokph #tiktoksportsph #footballfitcheck #AFFMitsubishiElectricCup2022 #bisaya #bisayako #bisayangdako ? Lush Life (Instrumental Version) - Instrumental Music Songs
Sara is definitely embracing her Filipino roots from the beaches to the huge family reunions down to the pancit!
@sara.eggesvik Svarer @mc My favourite things about PH 🫶 Narrowed down to 4 things #footballtogether #footballtogether #tiktoksportsph #AFFMitsubishiElectricCup2022 #footballfitcheck #labanpilipinas #qanda ? original sound - Sara Eggesvik

Isabella Flanigan (Instagram.com/bellaflanph)

Flanigan is a Filipina through and through. The Filipinas forward loves her palabok from Jollibee.

The Pinoy genes is strong with Flanigan that she even found rambutan and siniguelas in Costa Rica.
And what does she do when not playing football? Pimping her sweet ride.

The Filipinas will compete in Group A of the FIFA Women's World Cup starting July 21 against Switzerland, July 25 against New Zealand, and July 30 against Norway.

And while we all wait for their moment in history, might as well check out what they're up to by following their socials. McDaniel, Eggesvik, and Flanigan are as good a place to start.