October 04, 2023

'Impossible is nothing': Filipinas' new kit for FIFA Women's World Cup is straight fire


New kits alert!

Sportswear brand adidas on Tuesday revealed the official kits of the Philippine women's national football team in anticipation of the team's upcoming international tournaments.

The Filipinas, who signed a four-year deal with adidas last February, will proudly wear the specially designed kits during their participation in prestigious events such as the FIFA Women's World Cup this July and the next Asian Football Federation Asian Cup.

The new release features three colorways that pay tribute to the Philippines, showcasing the Filipinas' strong connection to their homeland.

"Sipa at Tiyaga"

This will be the Filipinas’ home kit, which features a blue ensemble with adidas' iconic three stripes and a red-and-white striped collar.

Symbolizing the resilient spirit of the Filipinas toward their path to a historic stint in the FIFA Women's World Cup, the blue colorway, simply called Bughaw, represents their calm determination in overcoming challenges through sportsmanship.

"Ang Bagong Yugto"

The away kit of the Filipinas will showcase a white design with three blue stripes and a collar adorned with white and yellow,

The said kit called Puti symbolizes the fresh and determined start of the Filipinas as they enter the FIFA Women's World Cup for the first time, elevating the sport within the Filipino community.

"Alab ng Puso"

The Filipinas’ third kit features a bold and vibrant red ensemble with the adidas three stripes and a collar combining blue and white.

The striking red kit called Pula mirrors the passionate and courageous spirit of the Filipinas as they compete for their country, regardless of the odds they face.

In summary, all three kits represent a fusion of performance, design, and Filipino symbols, showcasing the support for the Filipinas and paying homage to their journey, drive, and fiery passion.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with adidas as we have our Filipinas take on the Women’s World Cup for the first time, and we feel the same excitement in seeing the adidas’ Filipinas kit come to life,” said Philippine women’s national football team manager Jefferson Cheng.

Adidas likewise expressed its excitement of rallying support for the Filipinas in the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup.

“The Filipinas FIFA Women’s World Cup kits were designed by adidas with their rich journey in mind, and we hope this serves not just as an inspiration to the Filipino community as they rally behind our Filipinas, but also to the team itself as they take on the global stage for the Women’s World Cup,” read the media release.

The Filipinas are fresh from their 32nd Southeast Asian Games campaign where they were one goal short of advancing to the knockout stage. Still, they were able to win big matches against some of their biggest rivals.

With all eyes on the national team come the FIFA Women's World Cup, the Filipinas will look to make a name for themselves and leave a lasting legacy for young football players in the country.