May 23, 2024

Better than great: Reasons why we can't wait for M5 World Championship

Better than great: Reasons why we can
Art by Royce Nicdao

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M5 World Championship is just around the corner and there are plenty of reasons why we can't wait for November 23.

1. It's happening in the Philippines

The Philippine squads have been reigning in the World Championships for three straight years with Bren, Blacklist International, and ECHO. What better way to celebrate than to witness the action?

The wild card tournament will take place in Malaysia beginning November 23.

But the group stage will be happening at the EVM Convention Center in Metro Manila starting December 2. And then fans can troop to the Rizal Memorial Coliseum for the knockout stage and the grand finals by December 9.

Tickets are super affordable too! (Costs way less than a TWICE concert)

Seats run from P150 all the way up to P1,599. And hey, if you can afford a few Starlight skins, these should be easy auto-buys.


2. More Mara Aquino

Come on. Who doesn't want a fabulous Mara Aquino to slay in her home court?

Everyone will be having an easy time understanding the Philippine crowd well-versed in English. And you know she's going to be teaching at least an international caster or two on how to speak Filipino!


It's sure going to be a blast with the Filipino commentary with Manjean and Wolf taking over the microphones! Will we see Manjean doing dances in his snazzy suit?


3. Strong Philippine contenders

The main Philippine representative to M5 is no joke.

AP.Bren has plenty of pedigree with the 32nd Southeast Asian Games gold, the IESF World Esports Championship, and of course the MPL Philippines Season 12 title.

They are also one of two teams who join a very elite club, boasting at least one previous M-series World Championship.

After Bren began Philippine domination by winning M2, can Rowgien "Owgwen" Unigo, David "FlapTzy" Canon, Angelo "Pheww" Arcangel, Michael "KyleTzy" Sayson, Marco "Super Marco" Requitiano, and Vincent "Pando" Unigo win M5 at home?


Joining AP.Bren is the MPL PH S12 runner-up Blacklist International.

The organization boasts of winning MPL PH S10 and of course, picking up the M3 World Championship crown.

There will still be no VeeWise tandem for the Agents, but the new blood gamers are ready to prove they can hang out in the biggest league!

Will the elite squad of Renejay "Renejay" Barcas, Edward "Edward" Dapadap, Salic "Hadji" Imam, Stephen "Sensui" Castillo, Kiel "Oheb" Soriano, Lee "Owl" Gonzales, and Kenneth "Yue" Tadeo decode the puzzle and return to glory?


4. In MLBB, Filipinos are the imports

Pinoy pride is strong in MLBB, and there's a reason why the peenoise is loud regarding Philippine meta. Here are just a few examples.

Kairi "Kairi" Rayosdelsol is playing as jungler for MSC 2023 champions ONIC Esports of Indonesia.


Mark "Markyyyyy" Capacio and Allen "Baloyskie" Baloy are suiting up for Indonesia's Geek Fam.


Jaymark "Hadess" Lazaro is a jungler for Singapore-based squad Team Flash.


Jungler Michael "MP the King" Endino and gold laner Clarense "Kousei" Camilo are suiting up for Cambodia's See You Soon.


EXP laner Chris "Mielow" Enobi and gold laner Zia "ZIA" Caluya return for North America's The Ohio Brothers.


5. The wild cards could prove interesting

Yeah, there are still Pinoy players for the wild card tournaments.

Jungler Kenneth "Saxa" Fedelin and roamer Deomark "Mikko" Tabangay fly the Malaysian flag for Team SMG.

While midlaner Fabito "Goodnight" Jelo and gold laner Patrick "Lawtrick" Ciego represent Saudi Arabia's Team Falcon.

Argentina's Imperio, America's Umbrella Squad, Nepal's 4Merical Esports, Laos' Niightmare Esports, and Mongolia's Team Lilgun are out to contest Southeast Asian supremacy in the tournament.

And by far the most interesting component is how well China's KeepBest Gaming will fare in this league.

Now things are getting interesting! And it should definitely be better than great!