April 14, 2024

6 iconic nicknames of PVL stars

6 iconic nicknames of PVL stars
Art by One Sports

Getting a nickname must be one of highest honors for any athlete. Whether the nickname was birthed by the fans, media, or something else, a moniker clearly marks that an athlete has arrived. 

Stars of the PVL have touted some of the most iconic nicknames not just in volleyball, but in Philippine sports. So, why not make a list? 

To clarify, this rundown covers just those who are currently playing in the league. Sorry, Sisi “Cherry Bomb” Rondina, you would have been number one. 

Tyang Aby

Aby Maraño has always been like a big sister to many PVL players going back to their college days. Like an ate, but better, hence the nickname “Tyang Aby.” Maraño is known for her leadership and fiery spirit, which definitely made their mark with the De La Salle Lady Spikers and the F2 Logistics Cargo Movers.


Have you seen Maddie Madayag flex? Peep that and you'll get why she was given the nickname "Madzilla." A powerful spiker and blocker for the Choco Mucho Flying Titans, Madayag's on-court play definitely backs the case for her nickname.

Boss D

It’s almost impossible not to know Deanna Wong. Her nickname suits her cool persona and slick skills on the court. If there’s a social media superstar award in the PVL, "Boss D" will take that home every year.

Miss Everything

To be called “Miss Everything” must mean this individual is the complete package on the court—and that’s exactly who Cha Cruz-Behag is. She can dig, spike, and block among the best of them. No wonder F2 Logistics is advancing to the semifinals in her first conference after a 4-year hiatus from the game. 

Bagyong Pablo

Whenever she’s on a roll, it’s hard to stop Myla Pablo. In fact, that’s the reason why she was given the nickname “Bagyong Pablo.” The outside hitter and her strong attacks bring nightmares to opposing teams.

The Phenom

Maybe we should just call Alyssa Valdez the GOAT? She was also once called “Bagyong Baldo” back when she and Pablo would go head-to-head a few years ago.

But “The Phenom” was her first moniker, which dates back to high school. She earned the nickname because back then, volleyball aficionados saw something special in Valdez. She has since lived up to the hype, just check her trophy case of multiple titles and MVP awards.