June 22, 2024

Margielyn Didal and fiancee show what true love really is

Margielyn Didal and fiancee show what true love really is
Art by Royce Nicdao

Margielyn Didal and Jozel Manzanares may have one of the cutest love stories.

The longtime partners-in-love got engaged after celebrating their eighth anniversary earlier this year, with the Olympic skater and Asian Games gold medalist pulling an elaborate, romantic gimmick to get Manzanares to say yes. 

The two have been a couple ever since their high school days. They have shared numerous experiences, including enduring the trials of long-distance relationships and facing the obstacles that come with pursuing their professional paths.

These obstacles have seemingly made Didal and Manzanares’ relationship only grow stronger.

Lately, the couple has been traveling a lot—whether it’s to Japan or Bali, Indonesia. And it's a sight to behold. 


The two are also seemingly always down for some adventure as long they are together.


And with every post they share, Didal and Manzanares continue to prove what and how true love can be like.

It’s been a while since Filipinos last saw Didal skate on a major competition, but that wait might not be that long anymore as the Olympian is expected to compete once again for the country in the Asian Games later this year.

Didal is hoping to replicate her success in the skating tournaments to secure her bid for the Paris Olympics in 2024.

With Manzanares supporting her all the way, there’s no doubt that Didal won’t be lacking in inspiration when competing.