June 25, 2024

MPL-PH: Team Liquid ECHO return to MPL finals, secure first slot to MSC as bonus

MPL-PH: Team Liquid ECHO return to MPL finals, secure first slot to MSC as bonus
Team Liquid ECHO beat Falcons AP.Bren in the upper bracket finals. | Photo (c) MPL Philippines

M4 Champions Liquid ECHO advanced to the MPL Philippine Season 13 grand finals after beating Falcons AP.Bren via a 3-2 victory at SM Southmall on Friday.

In Game One, Falcons AP.Bren showed no mercy against Team Liquid ECHO with a lopsided 12-2 kill score. Falcons AP.Bren gave a masterclass on discipline, not conceding any deaths until the 13-minute period clash at the Team Liquid ECHO’s base.

Marco “Super Marco” Requitiano’s impressive marksmanship on Moskov earned the MVP badge with a 7-0-3 KDA.

In Game Two, Liquid ECHO came back with a vengeance and turned the tides in their favor against Falcons AP.Bren. Early game dominance was in the hands of Falcons AP.Bren. However, it slowly slipped away after the skirmish at the top lane during the eight-minute period, resulting in Liquid ECHO securing the lord objective uncontested.

Falcons AP.Bren managed to stretch the game into the late game with sturdy base defense, but the moment of truth arrived when Frederic "Bennyqt" Gonzales on Roger led the Liquid ECHO for a wipeout with a triple kill.

Liquid ECHO tied the series at one score apiece, courtesy of Alston "Sanji" Pabico’s flawless performance on Novaria with a 3-0-11 KDA and 93% kill participation.

In Game Three, Liquid ECHO delivered a dominating performance against Falcons AP.Bren for a decisive 2-1 game lead. Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno on X.Borg led Liquid ECHO to match point with a 5-0-4 KDA.

But the M5 world champions refused to be sent early to the lower bracket, as they swiftly regrouped in the fourth-game fightback.

In terms of the draft, Liquid ECHO trimmed down Angelo “Pheww” Arcangel’s hero pool with a 5-hero ban, focusing on mages and supports. But Falcons AP.Bren responded with a Pharsa pick, proving Pheww’s brilliance as a midlaner.

The Hive forced a grueling fifth game against Liquid ECHO, credits to Pheww with a perfect 3-0-5 KDA.

To close the series, Falcons AP.Bren was out for blood as Super Marco on Roger pounced for an early triple kill during the four-minute mark turtle contention. Their championship form was in full display, taking a massive map presence from early to late game.

On the other hand, Liquid ECHO stayed patient and waited for the perfect opportunity to mount an epic comeback during a 20-minute mark clash near the lord objective.

Liquid ECHO delivered the final blow to make a triumphant return to the MPL grand finals stage, qualifying as the country’s first MSC representative heading to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia later this year.