April 25, 2024

MPL PH: AP.Bren, ECHO take early lead after action-packed Week 1 of Season 13

MPL PH: AP.Bren, ECHO take early lead after action-packed Week 1 of Season 13
David "FlapTzy" Canon and Alston "Sanji" Pabico starred in AP.Bren and ECHO's 2-0 start in MPL Philippines Season 13. | Photos (c) MPL Philippines

With Week 1 of the MPL Philippines Season 13 officially over, early title favorites are already trying to create separation from the pack.

But of course, MPL fans know that a long season is still ahead, especially with the introduction of a new point system and gauntlet format for Season 13.

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With that in mind, let’s check out how the first week of the highly-anticipated MPL PH Season 13 went down.


Day 1: Minana, AP.Bren open MPL PH Season 13 with sweeps

Minana Evos capitalized on a remarkable turnaround in Game 1 to secure a 2-0 victory against TNC in the opening matches of MPL Philippines Season 13 Friday night at the Shooting Gallery Studios.

Jann Gutierrez was recognized as the standout player of the match for his performance with the Setsuna Ignacio-led Minana Evos squad.

Meanwhile, fresh from their triumph at the Games of the Future event in Russia earlier this year, AP.Bren started the domestic season on a strong note.

AP.Bren once again asserted its supremacy over Blacklist International in an early rematch of last season's grand finals with a 2-0 victory.

After swiftly claiming victory in Game 1, AP Bren had to overcome Blacklist’s efforts to force a game three, ultimately sealing the win at the 33:30 mark of the game.


Day 2: RSG, ECHO grab first wins, Blacklist bounces back

RSG Philippines clinched their first win of the season by defeating a revamped Smart Omega squad, 2-1.

Led by returning players Demonkite and Kusey, alongside newcomer Nibor, RSG dominated Game 3 with Nibor earning his first game MVP.

Despite a strong showing from Omega's Louis and Marked in Game 2, RSG's coordinated efforts secured objectives and denied Omega any major advantages throughout the series.

ECHO, meanwhile, asserted their status as top contenders in MPL Philippines by convincingly defeating a revamped ONIC Philippines squad for a 2-0 victory.

Despite ONIC's additions of Kelra and K1NGKONG, ECHO's main lineup led by coach Tictac secured a dominant decision, with standout performances from Bennyqt and KarlTzy.

Lastly, Blacklist bounced back from its initial loss to AP.Bren with a thrilling 2-1 victory against Minana EVOS.

The intense series lasted for one hour and 17 minutes, with standout performances from Sensui and Oheb for Blacklist, countered by Lancecy's impressive play for Minana.

Despite a back-and-forth battle, Blacklist emerged victorious in the end, securing major objectives and dominating economically to even the team's record at 1-1 alongside Minana.


Day 3: AP.Bren, ONIC, and ECHO go for sweeps

AP.Bren extended their winning streak with a decisive 2-0 victory over the TNC Pro Team to conclude their Week 1 in MPL Philippines Season 13.

With their ninth consecutive win since December, AP.Bren displayed total dominance, securing a flawless 12-0 victory in Game 1 and swiftly dispatching TNC in just 12 minutes in Game 2.

ONIC Philippines, meanwhile, secured their first victory of MPL PH Season 13 with a convincing 2-0 sweep against RSG Philippines.

Led by Kelra's stellar performance on Karrie and Escalera's impactful play on Mathilda, ONIC dominated Game 1 with a 10-2 snowball, showcasing strategic picks like Luo Yi, rarely seen since Season 8.

Despite RSG's lineup adjustments, ONIC's superior map control and objective control secured their victory, leaving both teams with a 1-1 record for the week, with ONIC holding the tiebreaker advantage.

Lastly, ECHO concluded the first week of play with a 2-0 victory over a youthful Smart Omega squad.

Despite Smart Omega's early lead in Game 1, ECHO's strategic play, including a decisive backdoor maneuver by Sanji, secured them the win in the 27-minute match.

Sanford's stellar performance earned him the MVP nod, leading ECHO to another victory in Game 2 with dominant positioning and agility, propelling them to tie with AP.Bren for the second spot in the standings.