April 02, 2023

She's back: Cha Cruz-Behag fortifies F2 roster


It’s official. Cha Cruz-Behag is back for the F2 Logistics Cargo Movers this upcoming 2023 Premier Volleyball League (PVL) season.

Cruz-Behag, who took a leave of absence from the club following her pregnancy in 2019, had been spotted training with the Cargo Movers a few weeks back as part of the team's preps for the All-Filipino Conference. The last time she was officially part of F2, the team was still playing in the now-defunct Philippine Super Liga.

The former Cargo Movers captain looks to bring her high volleyball IQ and leadership to the team once more.

With Cruz-Behag back into the fold, along with new additions in Myla Pablo, Chinnie Pia Arroyo, and new head coach, Regine Diego, F2 has all the motivation it needs to make some noise in the 2023 PVL season.