May 29, 2024

PVL: EJ Laure embracing the joys and challenges of motherhood for daughter Scarlett

PVL: EJ Laure embracing the joys and challenges of motherhood for daughter Scarlett
EJ Laure and Scarlett form an unbreakable bond. | Art by Mitzi Dyan | Photos (c) EJ Laure/Instagram

"Motherhood: the greatest journey a woman can embark upon, where every step is guided by boundless love and unwavering devotion." 

This timeless sentiment encapsulates the profound transformation that EJ Laure underwent when she welcomed her daughter, Scarlett, into the world.

At the peak of her collegiate career in UST, Laure found herself facing a challenge unlike any other – the unexpected but joyous arrival of Scarlett, her unica hija. In a situation where pregnancy is often met with public scrutiny, she decided to conceal her circumstances, protecting her unborn child from the prying eyes of the world.

When Scarlett arrived, she became the center of Laure’s universe, her tiny presence filling their lives with immeasurable joy and boundless love. 

From that moment on, the priorities of the now Chery Tiggo outside hitter shifted.

“Si Scarlett talaga naging priority ko, parang mas pinipipli ko siya kesa sa volleyball,” Laure told One Sports.

“Siguro mahirap at first pero siyempre lumalaki naman na si Scarlett, so parang natuto rin naman siyang gumalaw, and may mga nandiyan naman to support me rin.”

As Laure continues to pursue her athletic career with the Crossovers in the PVL, the demands of training sessions and tournaments intertwine with her responsibilities as a mother. 

Acknowledging the challenges of balancing these dual roles, Laure admits to moments of struggle in managing her commitments. However, she finds solace and support in Scarlett, who, at nearly six years old, has blossomed into a reliable and understanding daughter.

“Actually kasi si Scarlett kasi talaga sobrang independent woman ‘yan. Kunyari, alam niyang pagod ako o natutulog ako, alam niya kung paano mag timpla ng gatas, parang ganun. Alam niya kung paano gagawin niya kapag nakita niyang may ginagawa ako,” Laure shared.

“Si Scarlett kasi para ko siyang pahinga, na parang pagod na pagod ako sa training tapos makikita ko lang siya tapos yayakapin niya lang ako. Siyempre mawawala agad ‘yung pagod ko.”

Aside from being her respite, Scarlett has also changed Laure for the better.

“Siyempre sobrang thankful ako na andiyan si Scarlett. Actually sabi nga ni Eya [Laure] dati, ako kasi sobrang mainitin ulo ko dati pero noong andiyan na si Scarlett mas humaba ‘yung pasensya ko, siguro mas naging open-minded ako sa mga bagay bagay na parang pag pasensyahan lahat,” Laure said.

For EJ, motherhood is the ultimate victory, the greatest achievement she could ever hope to attain. And as she watches Scarlett grow and thrive, she knows that she's made the right decision – to prioritize her daughter's happiness above all else.