May 24, 2024

The most quotable quotes from coach Roger Gorayeb in his PVL return... so far

The most quotable quotes from coach Roger Gorayeb in his PVL return... so far
It wouldn’t be coach Roger Gorayeb without his spiking humor with every pep talk.

While coach Roger Gorayeb is certainly known for his wisdom and game-winning plays, volleyball fans also adore him for his humorous pep talks and meme-worthy reactions on the court, especially during timeouts. 

So before we head on to another month of intense women's volleyball action in the PVL, let's recap some of the best quotable quotes from coach Roger, just from the ongoing All-Filipino Conference alone.

Warning: Excessive snorting and giggling may occur. 


1, “Kung papaluin niyo ang bola, paluin niyo! Isama niyo na lahat. Isama niyo na [ang] buong mundo!”

Context: Coach Roger reminds the Capital1 Solar Spikers to spike their hearts out as they go against the defending champs, Creamline Cool Smashers.

That’s the fighting spirit! Coach Roger just wants his team to serve up spikes so epic, even aliens are to take notes!


2. “Siguro kung aabot ng 10 sets ‘yon, nakabawi kami. Kaso three out of five lang.”

Context: The Capital1 Solar Spikers had a straight-set loss against the revamped squad of the Chery Tiggo Crossovers on PVL opening day. However, Coach Roger remains positive that it was just a bump in their cosmic road.

Yet, he is still open to a change in the volleyball rules. So, kume, baka naman? Joke!


3, “Chemistry? Math kasi ako, eh. Geometry ‘yong paborito ko.”

Context: Coach Roger was asked regarding the status of the chemistry of their new team, following their breakthrough win in the All-Filipino board against the Strong Group Athletics.

Now we know that coach Roger is not a science guy. Maybe he can teach us math sometimes. Like, 1 + 1 equals? Magellan?


4. “Ilaban niyo na nang hampasan ‘yong mukha niyo diyan sa sahig. ‘Pag nabasag ‘yong ilong niyo, punta tayo sa ano... kay Dra. Belo kaagad. Manghihingi tayo ng pampaopera doon sa may-ari. Magbibigay naman ‘yon.”

Context: The multi-titled coach wants the Capital1 Solar Spikers to give their best serves and digs while playing, even at the cost of having a broken nose. Well, that’s why we have surgery nowadays!

We stan a coach with a “flawless” strategy!


5. “‘Yong character niyo sa loob [ng court] ang importante.”

Context: He reminds the Capital1 Solar Spikers to maintain their confidence inside the court while they go up against the Chery Tiggo Crossovers.

Coach Roger is definitely the ultimate blend of humor and inspiration, dishing out aces of laughter and wisdom in every game.

We cannot wait to hear more quotable quotes from him in the upcoming games.

But just like what Coach Roger said, “Kaya lang inaabangan nila, ‘yong sasabihin ko. Neknek niyo!”