May 24, 2024

From college to the pros to adulting: DLSU Lady Spikers’ bond is stronger than ever

From college to the pros to adulting: DLSU Lady Spikers’ bond is stronger than ever
The alumni of the DLSU Lady Spikers have constantly shown strong sisterhood. | Instagram: @jolinadelacruz, @camscruz

Get a friend like a DLSU Lady Spiker.

The products of the De La Salle system have shown the bonds forged in Taft remain strong even after they have graduated.

Petro Gazz Angels’ Cams Cruz shared snaps of her together with her former DLSU Lady Spikers teammates and now newly-recruited PLDT High Speed Hitters Kim Kianna Dy, Mika Reyes, and Kim Fajardo. 

While they play on different professional teams now, Cams is wishing them well and expressed excitement to witness them play on the other side of the court.

The supportive type of friendship also continues for Jolens and Mars.

In an Instagram story, Farm Fresh Foxies’ Jolina Dela Cruz pens a brief yet sweet message for Choco Mucho Flying Titans’ Mars Alba after her outstanding performance in a thrilling five-setter game against the Petro Gazz Angels.

“Kahit saan man mapunta 💪💜”, wrote Jolina Dela Cruz for her long-time friend and teammate Mars Alba.

“Thank you, baks!”, replied Mars Alba.

The two may have gone on separate teams after the disbandment of the F2 Logistics Cargo Movers, but the Jolen-Mars tandem is still on


 KKD will always be an “ate” figure for Mars. The two wished each other well before they started the games between their new respective teams. 

And if you think that their bond just remains inside the taraflex, you’re wrong.

The DLSU Lady Spikers maintained their strong connection outside the court.


When Akari Chargers libero Justine Jazareno announced her pregnancy, former Lady Spikers’ tall tower and now fellow club teammate Fifi Sharma wished her well.

“Congrats, @ylizveth.justine 🥰!!!!”, Fifi commented.



The gang was also present during the wedding of DLSU Lady Spikers’ veteran Carol Cerveza.


The La Salle culture definitely goes beyond Taft! We stan a healthy sisterhood like this one from the DLSU Lady Spikers.