May 23, 2024

We can all relate to Akari's Fifi Sharma about manic Mondays

We can all relate to Akari

Fifi Sharma knows exactly what it's like to return to the real world on Mondays, as she was mic'd up in a video for the Akari Chargers ahead of the PVL's third conference.

"It's too early for this," she said during practice, as she had delayed reaction times.

It's okay, it happens to the best of us before our coffee breaks.

Fifi did manage to get her focus back, delivering a service ace in training followed up with her signature swag.

And her giggles are to die for, especially when setter Jaja Maraguinot seems to be entering her spiker era.

All seems to be fun in the Akari Chargers' camp, as fans will see Sharma wear the pink jersey for the first time in the PVL's third conference, which happens to be another all-Filipino edition.

The Chargers would also be in for an interesting ride, as they could  face former teammates with the creation of sister squad Nxled Chameleons.

Check out the fun video from the Akari Chargers here.

@akarichargers And we are back with Mic’d Up Mondays! 🎤 Starting the week with @mereophe’s chaotic day 😆 Watch the full video on Tiktok! Link in our Bio 💖 #AkariRecharged ??💖🦄 #fyp #fyp??viral #fifisharma #dlsu #volleyball #PVL #akari #AkariChargers #philippines ? original sound - Akari Chargers