December 02, 2023

Des Cheng, Sisi Rondina, Isa Molde 'hack' trainer's phone and the result is glorious

Des Cheng, Sisi Rondina, Isa Molde

A lot of things happen during volleyball practices: Stretching, calisthenics, lifting weights, play walk-throughs, film reviews, and scrimmages, among others.

But apparently, taking over someone else's phone is also part of the program for the Choco Mucho Flying Titans. Well, at least for three culprits, er, players.

On Friday, Des Cheng, Sisi Rondina, and Isa Molde playfully "hacked" the phone of their trainer, Allan Jovero, during a break in their practice.

First, it was Molde who took a barrage of solo selfies. A few moments later, it was Cheng and Rondina who snapped a bunch of silly selfies (22 to be exact—we're insanely proficient at math). 

Jovero must have been surprised to see the picturesque development when he got his phone. He had a perfect two-word clapback though: "Mga panget," as he posted a screenshot of his photo album on his Instagram Story. 

Cheng reposted it on her Instagram Story and replied, "Salamat sa kape. Bukas ulit." No better way to express gratitude to someone who bought you coffee than by infiltrating his or her phone. 

It's always nice to see a team having fun, and the Flying Titans are certainly doing so in practice. Rondina posted on her Instagram Story a video of her attempting to do a box jump with Jovero and teammate Aduka Ogunsanya funnily distracting her. 

Cheng, Rondina, and Molde will have to turn more serious in the coming weeks as they hike up their preparations for the PVL third conference next month. Choco Mucho is coming off a seventh-place finish in the Invitational Conference.

But in the meantime, yeah, they can fool around. We're all for it.