April 14, 2024

Kim Kianna Dy’s sweet message for Dwight Ramos—that’s it, that’s the headline

Kim Kianna Dy’s sweet message for Dwight Ramos—that’s it, that’s the headline
Instagram/Kim Kianna Dy

As far as power couples in sports go, very few can equal the lovely pair of Gilas Pilipinas standout Dwight Ramos and PVL star Kim Kianna Dy.

The two’s relationship, from all intents and purposes, appears to be stronger than a rock. In fact, Dwight and Kim just celebrated their third year of togetherness last June—a milestone that got the 6-foot-4 winger all poetic, writing the caption “Three going on four and onto so much more” on a picture he posted of him and Kim sharing a special moment.

That, of course, is nothing new. The power couple has been open about their relationship, and they regularly give their fans a peek into their life as a couple via their Instagram and on Kim’s YouTube channel.

On Saturday evening, Kim did so again, posting on Instagram a series of pictures of her sharing special moments with her beau of three years and counting. Only this time, the accompanying caption hits all the feels—literally. It is the kind of thing anyone would want their loved one to say.

And it only took seven words—seven!

“I can’t lose when I’m with you,” the F2 Logistics Cargo Mover wrote about Dwight.

What’s that expression again—“haba ng hair”? Well, that applies to Dwight here.

In just seven words, Kim perfectly encapsulated how important Dwight is to her and what he means to her life.

It’s probably why Dwight could only comment “That part” to Kim’s post. Though, to be fair to the Japan B.League veteran, any guy would be left speechless with such a sweet, assuring message.

The two, of course, are now in an LDR setup once again as Saint Dwight is now back in Japan to prepare for the upcoming Japan B.League season.

But something tells us they’ll be just fine.