December 01, 2023

Master chef in the making? Pauline Gaston gets busy in kitchen, shows off latest masterpiece

Master chef in the making? Pauline Gaston gets busy in kitchen, shows off latest masterpiece

The PVL is officially on the break and the players are finding different ways to spend the offseason.

Akari Chargers rookie Faith Nisperos, for instance, graced a one-day volleyball event on Tuesday, while her teammate Bang Pineda has gotten busy as an assistant coach for her alma mater, the Adamson Lady Falcons. The F2 Logistics Cargo Movers, on the other hand, got their flu shots as a team to get in the pink of health.

Pauline Gaston of the Chery Tiggo Crossovers, another one of the league’s brightest stars, seems to be keeping herself busy as well. And, on Wednesday night, she let her Instagram followers in on what she has been up to lately through an Instagram Story.

So, what exactly is keeping Gaston preoccupied these days? Apparently, it’s cooking. And it appears she has now mastered the art of making hardboiled eggs.

“I’ve been practicing my cooking,” Gaston said in her Instagram Story. “And I wanna do an egg reveal. I wanna see the inside of this egg.”

Gaston admitted in the same Instagram Story that her first attempts at hardboiling eggs weren’t quite up to par.

“Last time I made hardboiled eggs for ramen, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted,” Gaston wrote in the caption. “Either the yolk was runny or overdone.”

To be fair, hardboiled eggs can be easy to mess up—get it out of the water a few seconds too early and it turns out runny; get it out a bit too late and it turns out overdone.

The 25-year-old volleybelle, though, didn’t mess up her hardboiled eggs this time. Take a look:

Yes, those hardboiled eggs are Master Chef perfectespecially for a hot bowl of ramen in this cold, rainy weather. 

Now, it'll probably take a few more reps in the kitchen before Gaston becomes Master Chef-worthy. But we reckon she is off to a good start. And it's got us thinking what she'll whip up next.