May 24, 2024

'Colon cancer is beatable': LA Tenorio's wife, Chesca, recalls the Ironman's previous fight with the Big C

LA Tenorio poses for a photo with his family at halftime in his first PBA game in December since being cleared of colon cancer.

Chesca Tenorio recalled the arduous journey her husband LA Tenorio had to go through in his previous fight with colon cancer, saying that the Big C was beatable.

Chesca shared some details on how their day went when they found out about the diagnosis on Feb. 22 last year, and how grateful she was 12 months later, with LA now five months healed.

"Just grateful for the year that has been. Your journey, our journey. God is good. God listens. God Heals," wrote Chesca on Instagram.

"As we approach March, colon cancer month, can't help but spread the words, colon cancer is beatable," she added.

Chesca shared a video she took last year where LA, already aware of his sickness, could be seen playing with their child.

"I remember watching you and Reese play, trying to feel what's going through your heart and mind, at the same time feel what our children would and could feel, and, lastly, I remember what I felt, as a wife and a mother, shivering inside, and still in a disbelief. I remember taking this video, praying to God, pleading to Him," said Chesca.



LA was diagnosed on an Ash Wednesday.

"God is good," Tenorio replied to the post.

The PBA's "Ironman", LA, who played a record 744 consecutive games in a 17-year-span in the league, saw his incredible streak end due to his condition, which was already in Stage 3. He took a break in March to focus on his treatment and recovery.

Prayers and encouraging statements from his peers and fans quickly surfaced as they rallied behind the Gin-eral. Thus, the call for #LAbanTENORIO, where Ginebra fan NJ Madriaga created shirts bearing the hashtag to encourage Tenorio. 

LA was declared cancer-free last September and even joined Gilas Pilipinas' quest in the Asian Games in Hangzou as an assistant coach. He returned to the court for Ginebra last December as he continues to live up to his moniker.