April 14, 2024

Big budol: James Yap’s latest post will make cyclists catch ‘upgraditis’ disease

Big budol: James Yap’s latest post will make cyclists catch ‘upgraditis’ disease

If you don’t think basketball and cycling go hand in hand, just take a look at PBA legend James Yap’s Instagram. 


The Man with a Million Moves has probably spent a million pesos on his bicycles and cycling gear.


Just check out some of the older posts of Yap, who signed a one-conference deal with the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters, with his two-wheeled babies.

Here he is in Taiwana dream destination among bike lovers.

Climbing up Revpal in Tagaytay with a Pinarello? Sheesh, Yap is legit.

He also rides a black Colnago just because he can. Deal with it.

On Saturday, Big Game James may or may not have intentionally flexed his new cycling kit on IG.

He looked fit. He looked healthy. And his thighs were muscular like that of a superhero’s. Most importantly, he was rocking premium gear from Denmark-based manufacturers Pas Normal Studios. 

Clearly, the two-time PBA MVP loves to pedal in style. Why wouldn’t he? It always feels better to cruise around while looking good.

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His bicycle of choice for that particular ride was his pink Colnago gravel bike. All in all, his look could be, and probably would be, the peg of many Filipino cyclists who are planning to upgrade their kits. 

Yap’s threads and bikes, however, are pricey, like it-will-beat-your-wallet-to-a-pulp kind of pricey. So some may have to think it over carefully before going crazy with the online orders.

Yap still playing in the PBA at age 41 may have something to do with his cycling, don’t you think?