April 25, 2024

‘Finish na’: Beau Belga joins in on latest trend, gives honest but hilarious remark

‘Finish na’: Beau Belga joins in on latest trend, gives honest but hilarious remark

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage these days. Ditto for generative AI. And one of its capabilities is to produce stunning images, usually in just seconds.

Needless to say, many have been putting that capability to full use and for different purposes—like creating yearbook-like selfies to be posted on social media as entries to the AI Photo Challenge. And Filipinos, unsurprisingly, are generating these stunning selfies and posting them on their feeds, whether in Facebook or Instagram.

Just ask Rain or Shine Elasto Painters big man Beau Belga.

Yes, the PBA’s resident tough guy and enforcer has joined in on all the fun, posting on his Instagram a series of photos of how AI reimagined the burly Belga—as a police officer, a college heartthrob, an F1 driver, and a boy-next-door type. And, in every one of the images, the veteran looks fit and fab and dashing to the nth degree.

Little wonder then that Belga, who also happens to be one of the PBA's wittier players, decided to have fun with his caption, too, writing, “Eto na ang lovelife mo Maryam Reyes. Kung ganito talaga ang itsura sa totoong buhay finish na talaga.”

Take a look:

Of course, such reimagination is part of why generative AI has grown so popular among casual users, who are probably getting a kick out of seeing the “what could have beens,” the “what ifs,” and the “what could be.”

In all fairness to Big Beau, he has slimmed down considerably and is looking surprisingly lean. So, maybe real-life Belga can soon give AI-generated Belga a run for his money.