February 21, 2024

The Beast 2.0? Draft aspirant who plays like Calvin Abueva gets nod from former PBA coach

The Beast 2.0? Draft aspirant who plays like Calvin Abueva gets nod from former PBA coach

The PBA recently held its draft combine, which showcased the abilities and physical prowess of this year’s PBA hopefuls. The results were a bit surprising as relative unknowns stood out in the different drills and tests that were administered. At the very least, one of those who participated in the exercise might turn out to be a gem for whichever PBA franchise he’ll land on.

According to former Terrafirma Dyip coach Chris Gavina that diamond in the rough might turn out to be MPBL star Jaymar “Waray” Gimpayan. In a tweet, Gavina said PBA teams should keep an eye on the 6-foot-2 workhorse for he plays a lot like PBA superstar Calvin Abueva. Gavina even suggested that no one in the current draft class has a better motor than Gimpayan.

“If PBA teams are looking for a Calvin Abueva-type player and elite rebounder, I would highly suggest taking a close look at Waray Gimpayan in this draft.  He might not have the local exposure like some of these NCAA and UAAP bigs but I guarantee he has a better motor than them,” the 44-year-old tactician posted.

Gavina also had a tour of duty in the MPBL as coach of Valenzuela Classic. During that period, Gimpayan was a member of the team. For sure, seeing the tireless cager relentlessly crash the boards was a treat for Gavina.

Gimpayan is a product of Our Lady of Fatima University, which doesn’t have a big basketball program as the former PBA coach mentioned. Still, Gimpayan made great strides in the MPBL. In 2021, he was named MVP of the VisMin Super Cup’s Visayas Leg after averaging 12.5 points and 8.9 rebounds per game.

So, is he really the next Calvin Abueva? PBA fans will have to wait and see. Catch the PBA Draft on One Sports on September 17, Sunday, at 4:00 p.m.