April 25, 2024

Two-time champion Ryan Araña drops harsh truth on some talented PBA players

Two-time champion Ryan Araña drops harsh truth on some talented PBA players
Instagram/Ryan Araña

With a stoic facial expression paired with both arms crossed on his chest, coach Yeng Guiao may look mean on the court to some. He looks like someone you don’t want to piss off whether you’re his player or a casual fan sitting comfortably behind the team bench.

It’s hard to blame them, since Guiao is also known for dishing out profanities and giving his players some tongue-lashing, many of which were caught on national TV. Remember Jervy Cruz?

But Ryan Araña, who was also once a Guiao disciple with the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters, reiterated that it’s not the case.

It’s only tough love.

“Magaling na coach inside and outside the basketball. Tuturuan ka niya ng mga pointers sa buhay, after ng career mo,” he said in an interview on former PBA champion Jerwin Gaco’s Youtube channel.

“Minsan nami-misinterpret siya kasi palamura pero outside the basketball court maniwala ka [hindi ganun].”

Behind that firebrand persona is a caring father, who will protect his children from imminent danger. Heck, he will protect them even from the hulking, enigmatic Ivan Johnson. 

But while many know that, some talented players just can’t handle the multi-titled mentor’s approach.

“Maraming magagaling na player na medyo sablay attitude kaya hindi tumatagal,” he said.

That’s why no matter how the public views Guiao, his players past and present consider him a father figure.

Aspiring basketball players may want to take note.