February 28, 2024

Sofia Harrison gets tearjerker message after inclusion in Filipinas' FIFA Women's World Cup lineup

Sofia Harrison gets tearjerker message after inclusion in Filipinas
Sofia Harrison|@ishneak (IG)

The Philippines is on the precipice of football history.

In just over a week, the Philippine women’s national football team will set foot in the FIFA Women’s World Cup for the first time.

While the gravity of the humongous feat is lost to most Filipinos, there are those who know and fully appreciate that this generational achievement doesn’t come easy.

Philippine defender Sofia Harrison’s brother Ryan perfectly encapsulated that with a tearjerker of a tribute.

“After sitting down and actually watching this video through fully, I couldn’t help but be overcome with emotion,” Ryan said in an Instagram story after watching the lineup announcement video.

“My sister has worked her entire life for this exact moment,” the message continued.

Ryan then detailed Sofia’s journey in the sport.

“Watching her play peewee soccer with the foldable goals, to travel or club soccer, to a four-year varsity starter at Athlolton High School, to a four-year starter at Slippery Rock, to overseas professionally in Germany.”

Now, Harrison will represent the Philippines on of the biggest stages in sports history, and her brother is confident that she can overcome anything.

“No matter the obstacle or the setback or the adversity she faced, she kept putting her head down and doing the work. She never quit or gave up,” he said

 “You deserve every bit of this, sis. Proud is an understatement.”